Meet Zirks

Let Kirk take you through the what, why, and how of Zirks.

Numbers Don't Lie

Carrying Costs

The cost of carrying inventory is estimated at 2% per month. $1,000
spent on inventory carried for a year is $1,250.

Freight Costs

Air Freight of 1,500 lbs. from Taiwan to US = $8,500

186 Days

The current # of days to receive an import order from date of PO placement is 186

Why Zirks

Zirks has overhauled the importing industry to meet the needs of the modern world. No longer are you at the mercy of overseas factories, inconsistent lead times and uncontrolled pricing. No longer do you have to purchase an entire container of commodities. Buy the quantity you need and avoid having to warehouse the overage.

With the Zirks dynamic business model, you are in control.

Are you ready to get started?

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