The Smarter Way To Import

The World has been importing for thousands of years. Remarkably, in
that time, not a whole lot has changed. It's time to fix that.

The Power of Container Pricing

You're in Charge

Instant access to fasteners once they leave port and are on the water.

Import Pricing

By choosing quantity and timing, you also choose your price.

It's on the Way

Realize shorter lead time and larger cost savings on fasteners.


Bring Importing Into the 21st Century with Zirks

Download this FREE guide and learn how to

  • Reduce Import Lead Time
  • Add Profit to Your Supply Chain
  • Receive Container Pricing at Pallet Quantities

The Future of the Zirks Way

Zirks is just getting started. And as the community grows, so will our product offering. The more you share with us about what you need, the sooner it will be available to save you time and money.

The Future of Zirks

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